Who is LEAN For?

Who is LEAN For?

Almost everyone! Over the last 60 or 70 years Lean has been applied to virtually every industry sector and to all sizes of company, from owner-managed to blue chip multi-national. It's also been applied to Healthcare, Education, Law Enforcement and many other sectors. If you want to engage your people, create a culture of Continuous Improvement and "work smarter not harder" then Lean is likely for you. If everything just takes too long, is too complex or takes too much resources, then Lean can help. It's a collection of improvement tools which you can use to make the changes you need. Here are just some of the signs and "symptoms" that tell you it's time to Think Lean:

  • Flatlined business results
  • Increasing need for working capital
  • Excessive stock / work in process
  • Customers demanding shorter lead times
  • Inability to meet customer demand (lack of capacity; lack of flexibility)
  • Sales increasing but profit staying flat
  • Rapid company growth overtaking the capability of existing processes,work methods and organisation structures
  • Costs increasing / too high / emerging low cost competition
  • Need to rapidly boost output with same plant and equipment
  • Unacceptable overtime costs
  • Poor quality
  • Poor staff cohesion / attitude / communication

If any of these apply to you, please contact us now. We can arrange to meet with you, have a look at your business and provide a free, no-obligation assessment outlining key target areas and improvement tools. If it turrns out that the Lean Consortium isn't right for you at that time, then we won't recommend it.

If you're new to Lean, click here to find out about the tremendous opportunities.

If you've started down the Lean route and want to get further improvements, or are a firm with an established continuous improvement culture, then the Lean Consortium is ideal for you. Click here to find out more.

And if you want to know how other companies have already benefited from The Lean Consortium, have a look at some of our case studies or view a list of some of our previous participants.