Who are LEAN Consortium?

Founded in 2002 by two highly experienced Operations Directors and Consultants, Paul Bell and Andrew Nicholson, The Lean Consortium has evolved to be one of the UK's most successful improvement programmes. In 2007 John Macdonald, a former participant of the programme, joined the company as Business Development Director. All three continue their active involvement in programme development and delivery, ensuring that the programme continues to evolve and improve. Their business profiles can be found here:

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Our team of specialists and associates are all highly experienced professionals with years of operational knowledge and hands-on implementation behind them. Many graduated as Engineers and then gained additional qualifications in Performance Improvement. More important than that, however, are their track records in completing successful improvement projects within clients' businesses.

We like to think that our best adverts are our clients - click here to find out what they have to say about the programme, and click here to view some of our case studies.

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The Lean Consortium

Why Use LEAN Consortium?

The Lean Consortium is a unique concept in business improvement. It brings clarity and simplicity to making improvements, with all the support you want. All wrapped up in a proven, fixed-price, clearly structured framework. Whatever your needs, we offer a proven, flexible framework that consistently delivers. Here's what we do:

Align improvements to your top business needs
Working with your senior management team we enable them to be effective improvement sponsors and coach them on project selection. This maximises results without taking up too much management time. We also provide strategies to help get the very best out of improvement teams.

Develop your people
We train your people in practical tools and techniques, combined with the people and leadership skills required to embed and sustain them. This ensures true ownership and durability, the keystones of Continuous Improvement.

Provide support tailored to your company
We recognize that 'one size' doesn't fit all, and that your business has unique needs and issues. Tailored on-site training, consultancy and project support all combine to ensure improvement success. If your main objective is to slash your lead-times, that's what we'll focus on. If your aim is 100% Right First Time quality, we'll show you how. If you need to take out cost, we'll help you find the right way to do this. Whatever your objectives, we'll work alongside you and your people to achieve them.

Keep it moving
Working with us and with other companies provides strong external drivers to keep improvements high in your staff's priorities. Because of this, improvements really happen, and really stick. We apply the Plan-Do-Check-Act improvement cycle, and we coach our participants to do the same. Improvement becomes a habit, and that means that it will be sustained.

Deliver real results
But don't just take our word for it - over the years hundreds of participants have successfully completed the Lean Consortium. Click here to find out why they like it so much and click here to have a look at some of our case studies.

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